Recreation Ground Trust and Playing Fields

Chairman: Mike Williams Tel: 01432 882074
Secretary: Steve Miles Tel: 07929 092183
Treasurer: Clare Miles
Trustees: Dennis Barrett, Dave Lloyd, Jason Williams, Mike Darley

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Marden Playing Field and Recreation Ground is managed by the Marden Recreation Ground Trust which is a registered charity. The Playing Fields provide two football pitches with changing facilities, two tennis courts and a play area. Marden Primary School uses the area as its sports ground during school hours. It is home to an active tennis club and the junior sections of Pegasus Juniors Football Club. In addition the Trust is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the playing field. The Committee is also responsible for organising the paper recycling skip, profits from which contribute towards the playing field operating costs.

Following concerns raised about the safety of the telecommunications mast sited at the Playing Fields by a Parishioner at the recent Parish Meeting and conscious of the wider publicity the matter has attracted, the Marden Recreation Ground Trustees have sought reassurance from Shared Access, the mast operator. A series of tests have been undertaken and the subsequent report is available to view in its entirety on the Village website.

In summary, the findings of the report confirm the mast to be operating well within acceptable levels as defined by the World Health Organisation and Public Health England.

In addition the Ward Councillor was also asked to contact Herefordshire Council regarding the matter. The Council response confirmed that Public Health England do not offer a testing service for electro-magnetic field measurement as the levels associated with equipment of this type fall well below recommended guidelines.

Marden Recreation Ground Trustees wish to reassure Parishioners that all recommended steps have been taken to confirm the safety of the telecommunications mast installation and this is clearly evidenced in the survey report available to view here Cornerstone EMF report 


Information / Pitch booking: Steve Miles  Tel: 01432 880976 / 07929 092183
Pegasus Juniors: Stuart Jones Tel: 07789 918305 (Junior Secretary)