Local Charities

Jane Shelley’s Educational Foundation

Registered Charity number 527257
The Jane Shelley Charity makes grants towards the cost books and equipment to former pupils of Marden & Sutton St Nicholas Schools who are starting further education. Further awards are not normally made to those who have already received grants.
Applicants are requested to write to:-
The Clerk, Mr S. Gyford, Freens Court, Sutton St Nicholas, HR1 3AY, giving outline details of their study plans, before the end of September.

Marden Consolidated Charities

Registered charity number 213805
Marden Consolidated Charities is a very old charity which was established to provide grants or one-off help to parishioners of Marden in sudden or specific financial need. The Charity is administered by trustees and the chair is the Rev Paul Roberts.
For further details contact:
The secretary: Jane Keating   Email: jane.keating02@gmail.com
or The Rev Paul Roberts    Tel: 01568 797863. Email: revdpaulroberts@gmail.com

Marden Village Trust

Registered charity number 508824
Marden Village trust was set up to provide property to be held in trust for use as a village hall for the benefits of the inhabitants of the parish of Marden.
Contact: Paula Barrett      Tel: 07985 576230