Marden History Society

The Society was set up by a group of enthusiastic villagers in 2005. The constitution for the Society was established to include a variety of objectives, in particular to record Memories and Events during the last 100 years covering social and economic progress in the village. It also hoped to produce a book and recordings on CD of the recollections of older residents. The geographical area covered would be Marden, Amberley and Wisteston.
Accordingly, as the constitution required, a committee was set up to include:- Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary with regular meetings and an AGM. The first Chairman was Lorna Cruddas, (later succeeded by Joy Davey), the Treasurer was Sandra Watkins and the Secretary Ed Davey, supported by volunteer committee members. The Financial Account was opened with a cheque given by the Lord of the Manor in the sum of £20.00.
Following a number of meetings, on a variety of historical subjects, and in order to provide regular financial support, the committee agreed to produce a Marden Calendar to be sold to villagers and their contacts. This was expected to be self-financing with time.
It was clear that in order to complete the Book and CD project, greater finance and volunteers time would be required. Following considerable effort by the Committee, a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund was secured. Work began on the project, with the Launch being achieved in 2008. More than 600 were produced to enable every family to receive a copy. All the Oral interviewees were thanked and presented with bouquets as a token of appreciation. Drinks and snacks were provided, resulting in a feeling of pride with the village.
On completion of this first stage of the Objectives, a meeting was called to propose the continuity of the Society. With most of the original committee members prepared to continue, but with Joy Davey wishing to stand down, Colin Bates agreed to take on the Chairmanship. Since 2008, nine meetings each year have taken place, including the AGM and Committee meetings. The production of the Calendar has continued to provide additional income some of which has been donated to Charity. Other means of raising funds has been achieved in association with the village church and other functions.
Meetings since 2009 have been mostly based on the use of invited Speakers, on related historical subjects, with annual outside visits.
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